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Development of Financial Projections Extensive Projections from $400.00
Professional Business Plans Plans starting as low as $400.00
Professional Business Valuations Valuations starting at $350.00
Professional Financial Analysis Analysis starting from $400.00

Ameriwest Business Consultants offers our experience to anyone needing an extensive set of financial projections.  If you are not totally comfortable developing your own projections OR you simply do not have the time to develop the projections, then this option might be for you.  Our turnaround time can be as short as one day from the time you answer a brief questionnaire.  These projections will be based upon our 35+ years experience in helping over 3,500 businesses.  We can even compare a business to its peers.  The projections can be used for a business plan, follow-up support to a lender or investor or an analysis by management, shareholders or directors.
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The best reason to write a business plan is  "to avoid failure."  Sixty to eighty percent of all new businesses fail during their first five years.  A key reason for this failure is due to lack of good planning.  A good business plan has proven to be critical to the success of a new or existing small business.  The better you plan the better are your chances of succeeding, getting loans and communicating your ideas to others.

Another reason to write a business plan is to expand an existing business.  Just because you have been successful in one phase of your business there is no guarantee that a new phase  of your business will also succeed.  We have seen far to many successful businesses expand and then fail.  A good business plan can help ensure success in an expansion into a new area or product and can become a powerful management tool for projections and to track progress.. 
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Do not try to buy or sell an existing business without getting an opinion of its worth from an independent third party as to the real market value of that business.  Do not  spend more money than you should just to get an opinion.
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With a business analysis from us you can gauge how well you are really doing compared to your peers.  We can make specific recommendations that can improve the profitability of your proposed or existing business.   Our analysis can become an extremely powerful management tool.  If you are think of getting approaching a lender or investor for additional funding, you might want to want to have us prepare an Business Analysis for you first so we can make recommendations for improving your loan request and/or changing some parameters of the loan request.. 

If you are a business professional such as an accountant, attorney, consultant or other financial professional--we can give you a second opinion of a business plan or some other financial aspect for your client.  Two day turnaround time.
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