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Business Planning: One of the Keys to Success
(WARNING: Failure to complete a business plan could be hazardous to your business)

A business plan should set forth the nature of the proposed business or explain how you expect to change your existing business. It should include measurable objectives of profitability, expected sales volume, and financial forecasts over time. The process of putting a business plan together forces you to take an objective, critical, and unemotional look at the proposed business or expansion in its entirety. It should map a strategy to obtain the goals set forth. Whatever your business, a well thought-out plan will put you ahead of the competition. It also can be your best means of communicating to lenders, investors and even your own management team.

Without an effective business plan most new and existing businesses will have a hard time succeeding. A business plan is similar to a road map. As with any long trip, you will often meet obstacles, delays or other impediments to your progress. With a business plan, as with a road map, you can more easily find alternative routes to help you reach your ultimate destination.

When we send you the final business plan, we also send copies of our proprietary software that we used to develop your projections and business plan.  That way, you can frequently update your projections, perform a financial analysis of your business at any time and revise your business plan as needed.  This software have a value by itself of over $400.00 and it is included free with every business plan ordered through us.

It should be noted, that although our rates are considerably below what most others charge (sometimes one-half) for a top-notch business plan, our plans are not cheap imitations.  We charge less because we have little overhead, we do not have to make a lot of money from any one business plan, and we truly enjoy working with small business hopefuls or existing business owners and enjoy being a small part of their success by developing a winning business plan.  Our plans have been acclaimed by attorneys, accountants, lenders, managers, consultants, suppliers, landlords and many many others as the best they have ever seen. We take great pride in giving exceptional value for the price.  Our philosophy is that we would rather be working with half a dozen business plans at any one time and doing a great job on each one rather than handling dozens at a time and doing a mediocre job on each one.

Advantages of a good business plan:

Clearly and specifically define your concept or objective. Your definition of the business should not be to broad nor to narrow.
Identifies your proposed market and addresses your potential.
Identifies your competition and how you can best compete with them.
Forces you to evaluate any gaps or contradictions in your planning.
Can help convince potential lenders or investors that your project if conceptually sound and potentially profitable.
Helps you measure your performance.
Allows you to make necessary changes if you have a blueprint by which to compare actual performance.
Can help determine the right kind of legal entity (i.e. Proprietorship, Partnership, or Corporation.)

The process of putting together a business plan is neither fun nor easy.  We, at Ameriwest Business Consultants, can ease the task of putting together a winning business plan. We tailor our assistance to meet your needs, experience and budget. We can do it all for you or set guidelines and provide a structure for you to do most of the work. The amount of our fee depends upon how much of the work we actually do and how much the client does.

Fees for business plan assistance start as low as $400.00 for the individual who does not mind doing most of the work to save money. For an additional fee, we can analyze and edit your data, help with the research and even type and assemble the completed plan.

Itemized below are examples of business plan packages available through Ameriwest Business Consultants:

  1. Providing a Business Plan Worksheet developed specifically for you and the type of business you want to start or expand. This worksheet will help guide you through the entire process. We even provide several sample plans for you to pattern yours after. You are responsible for typing, assembling and preparing the plan. The fee for this option is $400.00. Additional support is available at $95.00 per hour should you require it. You do all of the work with our guidance on how to proceed.
  2. Providing a Business Plan Worksheet and help in preparing the financial projections and financial analysis. You assemble and type the finished plan. You complete two-thirds or more of the total plan. We become more involved in directing your efforts and reviewing your work.  The fee for this option is $401.00-$800.00.   Additional support is available at $95.00 per hour if you need it.
  3. Providing a Business Plan Worksheet and extensive help with the financial projections and schedules. Includes advice and recommendations as to reasonableness of the projections. Includes considerable additional research on our part. We assemble, review, compose and type the completed plan. You do about one-third to one-half of the total work and we do the remainder. The fee for this option is $801.00-$1,800.00 and up depending upon how much of the work we actually, do. We work with you until we are both completely satisfied. This is the normal option most of our customers choose.  It provides a reasonable cost with professional assistance throughout the process.
  4. Providing a Business Plan Worksheet to get your input.  We then take it from there and develop your financial projections , charts and schedules.  We assemble, compose, analyze, modify and work with you until we are both satisfied.  You do about 10%-25% of the work and we do everything else to make sure you have the best possible business plan.  The fee for this option is $1,801-$2,500+ and up depending upon how many hours we estimate our involvement will take.  

Typical Comments from Business Plan Clients:
Grant L., Owner, general contracting firm "Best Plan...ever seen...extremely satisfied."
Cathy J., Owner, Mortgage Brokerage firm "Excellent job...could have not completed such a comprehensive plan without your help."
Michael I., Owner of a telecommunications business "Our Business Plan is excellent...the price and work was well worth the process one must go through to complete it."
Sue R. Owner of a manufacturing business "...thank you so much for this superb business plan.  It is a thing of beauty and exceeds our expectations"
Noel C., owner of a Chiropractic Clinic  "The business is doing great and the projections were very accurate.  you did an excellent job."
Stanley R., President of an Energy Development company "Your plan helped us get our funding. We had many positive compliments about the Plan.  Thanks... We could not have gotten our funding without your help."

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Mailing Address:    Ameriwest, P.O. Box 26266, Colorado Springs, Co. 80936

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