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Ameriwest Business Consultants, Inc. was activated in 1991.  We are a division of Ameriwest, Inc. which was founded in 1984.  The company was set up to serve owners of small businesses or those wanting to start a new business. The company specializes in helping start-up businesses and those with sales of ten million dollars or less and/or those who have 100 employees or less. We offer a wide range of services and products geared to help these companies. We tailor our assistance to fit any budget. In many cases, we point the client in the right direction which keeps the cost of our services to a minimum.

Our purpose is simple. We try to provide every business we work with high quality, reasonably priced business products and services that can help a new business off to the right start or improve the profitability of an existing operation.

The founder of our company has twenty-two years of banking experience and over fifteen years small business consulting experience. He has worked with over 3,100 small businesses of all types in a variety of capacities.

We offer a wide range of products and services geared to help small businesses. Listed below are some we offer:

Payments terms are as follows: For all business services we ask for two-thirds down upon signing a consulting agreement and the balance upon delivery of the finished service.  All business products must be paid for by check, American Express Card or Discover Card before shipment.  Web Hosting fees must be paid quarterly in advance.

We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express Credit Cards.

Small businesses are the "Heart and Soul" of this country and we enjoy working with people who are trying to grab a part of the "American Dream" of being self-employed. Our Founder personally reviews each assignment we have. With his 31 years of combined banking and consulting experience, we can give the small business owner the best possible chance for success.

You may reach us using any of the following methods:
Fax:     719-380-7096
Telephone:  719-380-7096
Mailing Address:    Ameriwest, P.O. Box 26266, Colorado Springs, Co. 80936

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