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QUESTION: Is your order page on a secure server?
Yes.  Ameriwest Business Consultants share your concerns about security and privacy on the Internet.  We use use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) combined with 128 bit PGP data encryption combined with shopping cart system.  When you transmit confidential information over the internet it is scrambled.  Anyone intercepting the information would never be able to tell what it says.  The shopping program is designed to run on an insecure server while you gather your purchases.  It will not collect any information about you while running in the insecure mode.  When you are ready to make your purchase, you will be transferred to a secure server and only then you will be asked to provide shipping and billing information.  Your private data will be encrypted before sending it back to us for processing.
Click Here to view more detailed information about our Security

QUESTION: Do you  sell or provide information about your customers to anyone else?
No. Absolutely not.  We never have nor ever will provide information about our customers to anyone else.  We feel that would be an infringement of your privacy and a violation of your trust.

QUESTION: Why is the ABCI Logo (seen on the right) throughout your Site?
The small flashing ABCI Logo is a navigation aid. Whenever you click on it you will be returned to the Home Page.  Additionally, at the bottom of each page there are links to all of the main pages.

QUESTION: How do we know you will protect our confidentiality?
Whenever we undertake an assignment, we provide a written contract which outlines all of the terms and conditions. Within that contract, we agree in writing never to divulge the information you give us to a third party without your permission.  We also state this policy on pour website.  Click here to view that statement.

QUESTION: What are the terms of payment for your products and services?
All business products must be paid for before they are shipped. For services contracted, we ask for two-thirds paid upon signing a contract and the balance when the project is completed.

QUESTION: Do I have to worry about submitting my check or credit card information over the internet?
There has not been a single case of someone obtaining such information from the internet.  It is no more dangerous than using your credit card at a store.  In fact, if someone should use your credit card number, you are only responsible for the first $50.00 in charges.  The information you provide to us is sent over a secure and encrypted server. See above for further discussion of secure server.

QUESTION: What credit cards do you accept?
We accept master Card, Visa, American Express, and Discover through the Paypal system.  We can accept American Express and Discover cards over the telephone.  

QUESTION: How do we know we can really trust you?
Our founder is a former bank president and has spent his entire adult life in positions of trust and confidentiality with regards to customers affairs. He subscribes to the belief that we must absolutely do what we promise in terms of price, performance and deadlines. We make an honest attempt to ensure that every customer is satisfied.

QUESTION: How can we be sure you will do what you promise?
Every service contracted for includes a written agreement which guarantees the maximum charge for the service, when it will be completed and what we will do with regards to the project. It also spells out what the customer is expected to do.  On software orders, you have 30 days to return it for a refund if it does not meet your needs.

QUESTION: How can we contact you?
You can reach us any of the following ways:

You may reach us using any of the following methods:
Fax:     719-380-7096
Telephone:  719-380-7096
Mailing Address:    Ameriwest, P.O. Box 26266, Colorado Springs, Co. 80936

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