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( Do You Really Need One? )

The primary purpose for a business valuation is for purchase or sale of a business.  However, other reasons can also be the motivation behind a request to have a business valued. Here are some of the common reasons to request a business valuation:  If there is need for litigation support, insurance settlement, estate or gift tax, stock options, going public, pending divorce, partnership dissolution or conversion to a corporation.   A business valuation can help determine a fair price when the assets are divided, sold or given away.

The scope of a Business Valuation depends upon the purpose for which it is to be used. In some cases, a sample letter opinion is appropriate. This is the simplest and cheapest form of valuation. In other cases, an extensive report with accompanying schedules is required and may consist of 40 pages or more.  If you are looking at a possible purchase, a business valuation by Ameriwest Business Consultants will help insure you do not pay more than you should. If you are selling a business, one of our business valuations will help you determine a "Fair Market Value" for the asking price.

Ameriwest Business Consultants is devoted to providing a high quality Business Valuation that will best serve your needs and fit into your budget. We will work with you to determine the best kind for your situation. You will never pay for more than what you really need. One of our valuations will provide you with that extra measure of assurance that the value you believe a certain business is worth can be substantiated by an independent third party.


  1. Limited Business Valuation that includes a simple letter of opinion and one or two pages of supporting documentation proving the value. Fee: $350.00.   This type of valuation is used when someone just wants an independent third party opinion as to the value of a given business. It helps establish a price range in selling or buying a given business. It is the simplest form of valuation.

  2. Limited Business Valuation that includes the letter of opinion and 4-6 pages of supporting documentation and analysis along with a complete description of the business that is for sale. Fee: $500.00.  This form of valuation is used when a more complete description of a business is desired. It can also be used as a sales tool and handout to prospective buyers.

  3. Limited Business Valuation that includes the letter of opinion, 8-10 pages of supporting documentation and description, along with 4-6 pages of financial analysis were the business is compared to peer operations.  Fee: $800.00.   This is a more comprehensive Business Valuation combining a financial analysis and a comparison to similar operations. It can be a very powerful sales tool, especially if you are asking top dollar for the business that you are trying to sell and need to justify the asking price.

  4. Limited Business Valuation which includes the letter of opinion, 8-10 pages of supporting documentation and description, 6-10 pages of financial analysis and comparison to similar operations, and a five or ten year pro-forma financial projection of the business after the sale which shows how the business will do, especially if it has to carry an additional debt load. Fee: $1,000.00 or More.  This is the most comprehensive type of business valuation we offer. It can be an extremely powerful sales tool and can even help when the prospective buyer goes to a bank for financing. It includes a complete description of the business, a complete financial analysis, a comparison to similar operations, and a post sale cash flow projection proving it can support a loan. It can be over 40 pages of information.

Typical Comments from Business Valuation Clients:
Dudley C., Owner of a Multi-Million dollar building supply company, "Excellent job.....I really got my money's worth."
Bryan L., Attorney, "Great work....really satisfied."
Mike M., Attorney "This will really help my client."
Christine I., Owner of a Photo Studio, "Really worth the price...excellent sales tool."

Fred W., Owner of a Disc Jockey Booking Service, "We thoroughly enjoyed this experience.."

Typical Comments from Competitors:
I do not understand how you can offer this  service so cheaply.
Our business valuations are meant to provide a benchmark for someone wanting to determine the approximate value of a small business.  Most small business appraisal situations simply do not call for an expensive full blown appraisal.  It is just wasted money.  The software program we use has been paid for many years ago and we see no need to charge exorbitant prices just because others do. Our valuations offer an excellent value for the price and have proven to be right  countless times when follow up appraisals were completed.
Your appraisal lacks extensive research and analysis and seems to lack depth and comprehension. 
Our appraisals are meant to give a fair value to the small business person.   Our research and analysis can be as extensive or comprehensive as the customer is willing to pay for.  The simple fact is, that in most small business appraisal situations, it is a waste of money to get elaborate overblown appraisals.  Our appraisals are geared to providing what we know business people, lenders, investors and attorneys want after dealing with 2,900 small businesses over the past 31 years.  The software program we use is also used by thousands of appraisers around the country and has been proven to provide excellent results.
NOTE: We do not appraise the individual assets of the business. The data set forth in our Limited Business Valuations is based upon financial records you provide.  Valuations can only be as good as the information provided to us.  Our valuation is meant to help you determine a reasonable value for the business. In many cases, it can also be used as a sales tool.  Appraising a business is not an exact science.  Our valuations are only meant to be a benchmark.  

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