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A Professional Business Analysis from Ameriwest Business Consultants can help you determine if your existing business or proposed business is performing at a satisfactory level and meeting or exceeding industry averages. Dealing with over 3,500 businesses has given us a wealth of insight into how a business should be doing. We can pass our experience on to you in the form of a comprehensive report with specific recommendations on how to improve the numbers.

A Business Analysis can often be completed in less than a week. Our clients usually find it well worth the small cost to have a qualified professional review their numbers and make suggestions for changes. It is like getting a check-up at the doctor's office. You are able to zero in on problems or potential problems before they get out of hand.   If you are a business professional and need a quick second opinion on behalf of your client---call us for special rates and terms.

An Analysis from us can be useful for any of the following reasons:

bullet If you are thinking of buying a business, it would be invaluable to know if that business is performing at , above or below industry averages. This could help you determine the price you will offer for the business.
bullet If you are thinking of selling a business one of our Financial Analysis Reviews can become a powerful selling tool, especially if you are outperforming industry averages. It could help justify a premium price you are asking for the business.
bullet If you have assembled financial projections for a business plan, it is usually helpful to have a financial professional review your numbers, especially if you will be showing them to a banker or investor for funding. It is like making a dry-run to get the flaws and kinks out.
bullet If you just want a check-up to see how your business is doing compared to its peers, our analysis will point out areas you are doing well and areas that need to be improved.
bullet If you are thinking of adding new products or services, one of our Financial Analysis Reviews will help you determine the profit level, pricing and if it will be worth your efforts.
bullet If you are considering partners or other entities that might want to join you in a joint venture, our analysis can help them determine the profit potential.
bullet Business plan review.  Run it by us before your send it to the bank.

Our Professional Financial Analysis Reviews are usually in the range of $400.00 to $850.00. The average price has been about $450.00 is usually completed in less than one week.

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