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A Professional Financial Analysis Sample Page (Excerpt Only)

Dear Mr. Client:

In an effort to examine the history, projections and overall performance of Typical, Inc., We have reviewed both industry data as well as the operating statements for 1995, 1996 (Actual), 1997 (Estimated) and 1998, 1999 (Projected). It is for your use only. It will give you indications as to the areas you must address to improve the profitability and growth and ultimately the stability of this company. I have highlighted those areas in which I think you should pay the greatest attention.

In this analysis, I calculated and reviewed key financial ratios and discussed the important ratio's meaning and impact on the business. In addition I calculated Income Statement and Balance Sheet percentages. These common sized statements and ratios allow for comparison of your business' performance to the industry standards. Finally, we have input the figures into a Z-Score Bankruptcy Modeling Predictor to see how your business looks 2 years into the future as far as susceptibility to bankruptcy.

Respectfully submitted

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