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Financial Analyzer is an advanced version of our Classic Complete Financial Analysis software. It is more than double the size.  It does all that Complete Financial Analysis and much much more.  The product code for Financial Analyzer Regular Version is FARV and for the Deluxe Version is FADV.  They can be found on Analyzer Series Page of our shopping cart. Either program is particularly useful for financial professionals such as bankers, credit analyst, business planners, business advisors and company managers. THIS IS A PREMIER ANALYSIS PROGRAM.

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Base Program Size 3.5 megabytes
Hardware requirements 150 MHz or more in processor speed, CD-ROM, 16 MB of Ram
Software requirements Excel and Word for Windows 2000 or greater
# of worksheets, word documents, tables, charts and schedules over 70
Possible number of calculations Over 30,000
Regular Version Price $150.00
Deluxe Version Price $200.00

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Financial Analyzer was designed for all of the following purposes:

Preparation of an extensive set of financial projections for a new or existing business--excellent for inclusion into a business plan--helps prove your case for funding
Analysis of an existing business--it is an outstanding analytical tool for both new or existing business
Combination of the two above.  You can enter 1 or 2 years of actual data and have the program project data for years 2-5

Financial Analyzer was designed for any of the following users:

Those wanting to start of a new business
Those wishing to conduct a comprehensive analysis for an existing business
Business consultants, business advisors, business planners, company managers, accountants, development companies, and any others that advise small to medium sized businesses on a regular basis
Bankers , credit analysts (especially Community Banks)
Users of Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000 and XP

This program will save you countless hours and help improve the quality and quantity of your numbers.  It is so advanced that it requires all of the power of Excel and Word for Windows 2000 or higher.  It includes thousands of tips, hints, suggestions and buttons to make use and navigation easier.

You do not need a financial or accounting background for this easy-to-use program.  In less than 30 minutes of data input you can automatically generate as many as 30,000 different calculations and up to 70 different schedules, charts, tables and worksheets.

Financial Analyzer-Deluxe Version
For an
additional $50.00 you can order the deluxe version which includes bonus software valued at over $175.00.  You get the Bottom Line Template, Loan Grading Plus, Personal Financial Analyzer, a boilerplate personal financial statement worksheet and specialized financial calculators. The Deluxe Version can become a great labor saving tool for a financial professional or manager.  Do miss out on this great value.  It is a BEST BUY.

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