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Listing of Worksheets included with Financial Analyzer

FA INTRO--Financial Analysis Section Introduction page
FA TOC--Financial Analysis Section Table of Contents listing all worksheets (provides buttons for easier navigation)
Data Sheet 1--This worksheet is used to enter data for a new business or expansion of an existing business
Data Sheet 2--This worksheet completes the data entry for a new business or the expansion of an existing one.
Hist. Inc. Stmnt--Allows income and expense input (Historical-actual) for an EXISTING business for analysis purposes.
Hist. Bal. Sheet--Allows the entry of balance sheet historical data for an EXISTING business
Financial and Operating Highlights--Summarizes key amounts from numerous worksheets on this one worksheet
Red Flags-- A review of key financial indicators with emphasis on negative ones
Loan Compare--Allows client to view the effect of several different loans using different interest rates and terms
LoanAmort.--Provides complete loan amortization schedule for up to two loans
Summary Inc. Stmt--Displays a summary income statement showing most likely, optimistic, and pessimistic cases
Start-Up Chart--Graphically represents key parts of a business start-up (includes sources of funds and their uses)
Monthly Sales 1st yr.--Graphically represents the monthly sales during the first year. 
Monthly Profit-1st yr.--Graphically shows the net income per month for the first year.
Monthly Summary-Year 1--Graphically shows key factors of operation for the first year of operation
Budgets--Monthly recap of income, expenses, loans, dividends, income taxes for the five years
Income Stmt--Shows five year income statement
Balance Sheet--Shows five years of Balance Sheet data
Cash Flow--Shows five years of cash flow statement
Common Size--Reduces the five year income and balance sheet statements to one showing percentages
Break-Even--Shows a break-even analysis for the first two years (primarily used for new businesses)
Break-Even Chart--Graphically shows the break-even analysis for the first two years
Graphs--Shows nine graphs recapping the financial projections of the subject company
10 year Forecast--Extrapolates income projections of the first five years up to ten years (2 different charts)
Industry Averages--This worksheet allows the entry of industry (peer) averages for comparing to subject company
Ratio Comparisons--Represents key financial ratios of the subject company to industry averages
Ratio Analysis--Explains what some of the subject company's key financial ratios means in relation to industry averages
Ratio Comments--Suggests what the ratio analysis means and points out corrections that can be made
Return Rates-Shows the rate of return for the subject business several different ways (1 table and 2 graphs)
Z-Score--A bankruptcy modeling tool used to predict whether or not a company might be headed for bankruptcy
Covenants--Shows how the subject company compares to key covenants (restrictions) banks attach to loans they make
Proj. Summary--Recaps several key financial data for the subject company
Inc. State Chart--Graphically recaps the five year income statement
Bal. Sheet Chart--Graphically recaps the five year Balance Sheet.
FA Printing--Provides 1 button printing routines for each of the worksheets 
Selected Calculators--Provides a series of quick easy to use calculations (only provided for convenience)
How-To-Use--Provides a detailed description of how to use the FINANCIALS section of the program
Key Ratio Graphs--Graphically represents several key financial ratios
Buy vs. Lease--Determination if a company should acquire a piece of equipment, and if so should they buy or lease it
Assumptions--Lists the various assumptions used in preparing the projections
License-Outlines your License Agreement
Program Help--Lists various tips, hints and suggestions for making this program easier to use
Word for Windows Document containing a set of completed Financial Schedules
Business Plan Overview (Word Document)
Marketing Plan Overview (Word Document)
Insurance Overview (Word Document)

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