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The biggest part of any business plan is the financial projections. This is also the part that most small business owners or small business hopefuls have trouble with. This is exactly where The Financial Projections Guide from Ameriwest Business Consultants can help. This Template is an updated, enhanced, enlarged and more powerful version of our Classic Series Program "Financial Projections Template".  This template CAN take the confusion and trouble out of the process. You enter data onto two data sheets and automatically the following financial schedules are completed for you:

48 total financial schedules, charts, graphs and worksheets automatically completed for you--thousands of calculations
Month by month projections for up to five years
Rates of Return indicators
Z-Score and Bankruptcy Quotient indicators 
Up to 5 years of Income Statements, Balance Sheets and Cash Flow Statements
Common Size Statements
Complete Ratio Comparison including comparison to industry or peer averages
Break-Even Analysis for the first year
Graphs showing Revenue, Expenses and Cost of Sales for up to five years
Graphs showing the Returns on equity, Returns on Assets, Gross Profit Margin
Five Year Loan Amortization Schedule
12 Different specialized financial calculators to help analyze the possibilities

All of this is available for just $65.00.  Just over $1.00 per schedule

This template is intended for all of the following situations:

New Business Start-Ups
Existing businesses that want to expand or add new products or services and see what effect various different set of numbers might look like.
Someone wanting to buy an existing business who wants to see the effect of changes and new expenses that would be incurred by the new owner.
Someone needing to do a limited financial analysis of an existing business

You can enter different data as many times as you like to see what the potential effects will be on the overall numbers. In many cases this template will be all that you will need to put together a first rate set of financial projections that will impress any lender or investor. It also can be a very powerful management tool as you move forward with your new business or expansion.

Software Requirements:

Requires Windows 95 or higher and Office for Windows Version 2000 or higher
Requires standard Windows 95 RAM  ( 8-16 Megabytes )
Takes up approximately 2.5 Mb of hard disk space 
You may use the software on as many as three computers concurrently
Current Version now being shipped is 6.0

If you want to take financial analysis process one step further you can step-up to our Financial Analyzer Software. This upgrade adds dozens orf additional financial schedules and analysis of your proposed  or existing business.

Click to review the Complete Financial Analyzer fact sheet

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If this template does not meet your needs, return it within 30 calendar days and we will refund your money.

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