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Base Program Size 4.5 megabytes
Hardware requirements 700 MHz or more in processor speed, CD-ROM, 512 MB of Ram
Software requirements Excel and Word for Windows 2000 or greater
# of worksheets, word documents, tables, charts and schedules over 140
Possible number of calculations Over 70,000
 Regular Version Price $200.00
Deluxe Version Price $300.00

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If you periodically deal with small or medium sized businesses you SHOULD check out this software program. It is suggested that you print this page and retain for future review.  Instead of asking yourself "Can afford this great software"---you SHOULD be asking "Can I afford not to have it for my business."

Ameriwest Business consultants is proud to announce that Business Consultant Pro (Consultant Series) is now ready for shipping. This program combines all Eleven of our other programs into one sleek new interface. It requires all of the computing power of Office for Windows 2000 or higher to work properly. It also works great in Windows 95, 98, ME, 200 and XP.

It has been designed with all of the following in mind:

Business Consultant Pro can do any or all of the following: 

Business Consultant Pro has the following minimum requirements:

 Business Consultant Pro consists of the following features:

You no longer need to shift between several of our programs because they are all included in this powerful software.
Contains over 115 separate worksheets and word documents
More than five worksheets devoted to financial analysis
Automatically generate over 145 separate forms, worksheets, tables, charts, graphs and schedules
15 Sample Business Plans to choose from
Contains over 1,500 pop-up tips, suggestions, macros and hints
Can automatically make up to 70,000 calculations

According to several consulting companies, this is the most comprehensive software package available to help a consultant or manager for under $1,000. The regular version sells for $250.00.  Inquire about our quantity discounts and previous customer discounts.

For $350.00 you may also order Business Consultant Pro Deluxe Version.  This includes all of the great features of the original described above.   In addition, you will receive all five programs in the Analyzer series.  This is a $570.00 value.

Listed below are some of the reasons to consider ordering the deluxe version:

 As a consultant or business manager this may be the only software program you purchase for your office (besides Office for Windows 2000 and Windows itself). THIS PROGRAM CAN DO IT ALL and will greatly increase your productivity and yield results that will amaze your clients, lenders, management groups and co-workers. Business Consultant Pro is the conclusion of over ten years of effort by a retired bank president and a successful consulting company.  Instead of asking yourself "Can afford this great software"---you SHOULD be asking "Can I afford not to have it for my business."

Comments from satisfied users:
John J. ..I use your software to prepare business plans to investors and brokers...I have received great compliments because I am now able to put together a more thorough and professional package without a lot of labor on my part.  
Diane L...because of your software, I can help my clients with better output in less time...Thank You.  
Bruce B......Your software has become a mainstay for our consulting business.  
Frank W,EVP.....All of our community bank branch offices use this software to provide uniformity to our financial reports.  We especially like the loan grading template which we use to grade all of our credits.  
Ken G.  Sr. VP.....Your software is just what we were looking for.  It allows our loan consultants to be much more productive. 

You may order using any of the following methods:
--From our Website: (the easiest method) using PayPal
--By Us Mail

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P.O. Box 26266
Colorado Springs, Co. 80936

Phone/Fax: (719) 380-7096

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