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Listing of all Worksheets in Business Consultant Pro

Command Center--This is the initial program screen.  Allows you to go to each section, view overall demo and call up help
Prelims--Allows you to enter preliminary customer information
License-Outlines your License Agreement 
BSK INTRO--Takes you to the Introduction for the Start-Up Section
BSK TOC--Business Start-Up Section's Table of Contents.  Lists the worksheets available to that section.
How to use the Business Start-Up Section--Brief description of purpose and contents
Self-Analysis--Conducts a client Self-Analysis (Is he/she/they suitable for running their own business)
Mgt Rating--Conducts a survey to see if client or customer has good management skills
Per. Budget--Helps client determine their personal monthly budget and the cash they will require to live on
Start-Up Checklist--Itemizes the important steps to consider when starting a new business
Word Document containing a Personal Checklist--Guides client to right attitude to run their own business
PFS-Side 1--Help client fill out a personal financial statement--this is the front 
PFS-Side 2--Help client fill out a personal financial statement--this is the back 
Word Document listing the various business entities available to small business--their advantages & disadvantages
Start-Up Costs--Helps client determine all of the costs needed to start or expand their business
Word Document with recommended business start-up steps.  Helps make sure your client covers all of the bases
Strengths--Helps client determine their strengths and weaknesses, especially when compared to competitors
Risks--Helps your client analyze the various risks associated with their business
Competition--Helps structure clients analysis of the competition. Where do they stand in relation to others in same business
Word Document listing the various sources of help and information available to small and medium sized businesses
Org. Chart--Allows the set up of a business organization chart (assumes you have Microsoft 2.0 or higher installed)
Word document containing a sample Articles of Incorporation you can use a  guide
Word Document containing sample By-Laws you can use as a guide.
Word Document containing sample board and shareholder meeting minutes--use as a guide.
Loan Compare--Allows client to view the effect of several different loans using different interest rates and terms
LoanAmort.--Provides complete loan amortization schedule for up to two loans
Word Document containing an itemization of the steps required to form a corporation
Word Document listing the various types of loans that are available to small and medium sized businesses.
Word Document containing various sources of lending available to small to medium sized businesses.
BSK Printing--Provides 1 button printing routines of the various worksheets in the Start-Up section 
Set-Up Grade--Provides client with an overall start-up grade.  Should they proceed?  Meant as a guide-not the final answer.
New Business start-Up Report Card--Summarizes eight worksheets highlighting strengths and weaknesses
FA INTRO--Financial Analysis Section Introduction page
FA TOC--Financial Analysis Section Table of Contents listing all worksheets in that section 
Program Help--Lists various tips, hints and suggestions for making this program easier to use
Hist. Inc. Stmnt--Allows income and expense input (Historical-actual) for an EXISTING business for analysis purposes.
Hist. Bal. Sheet--Allows the entry of balance sheet historical data for an EXISTING business
Summary Inc. Stmt--Displays a summary income statement showing most likely, optimistic, and pessimistic cases
Data Sheet 1--This worksheet is used to enter data for a new business or expansion of an existing business
Data Sheet 2--This worksheet completes the data entry for a new business or the expansion of an existing one.
Financial and Operating Highlights--Summarized key ratios and numbers from the various worksheets on one page
Key Financial Indicators, especially negative ones
Start-Up Chart--Graphically represents key parts of a business start-up (includes sources of funds and their uses)
Monthly Sales 1st yr.--Graphically represents the monthly sales during the first year.  
Monthly Profit-1st yr.--Graphically shows the net income per month for the first year.
Monthly Summary-Year 1--Graphically shows key factors of operation for the first year of operation
Budgets--Monthly recap of income, expenses, loans, dividends, income taxes for the five years
Income Stmt--Shows five year income statement
Balance Sheet--Shows five years of Balance Sheet data
Cash Flow--Shows five years of cash flow statement
Common Size--Reduces the five year income and balance sheet statements to one showing percentages
Break-Even--Shows a break-even analysis for the first two years (primarily used for new businesses)
Break-Even Chart--Graphically shows the break-even analysis for the first two years
Graphs--Shows nine graphs recapping the financial projections of the subject company
10 year Forecast--Takes the income projections of the first five years and extrapolates them up to ten years (2  charts)
Industry Averages--This worksheet allows the entry of industry (peer) averages for comparing to subject company
Ratio Comparisons--Represents key financial ratios of the subject company to industry averages
Ratio Analysis--Explains what some of the subject company's key financial ratios means in relation to industry averages
Ratio Comments--Explanation of what the ratios actually mean--suggestions for improving them
Return Rates-Shows the rate of return for the subject business several different ways (1 table and 2 graphs)
Z-Score--A bankruptcy modeling tool used to predict whether or not a company might be headed for bankruptcy
Covenants--Shows how the subject company compares to key covenants (restrictions) banks attach to loans they make
Proj. Summary--Recaps several key financial data for the subject company
Inc. State Chart--Graphically recaps the five year income statement
Bal. Sheet Chart--Graphically recaps the five year Balance Sheet.
FA Printing--Provides 1 button printing routines for each of the worksheets found in the Financials Section
BP INTRO--The Business Plan Section Introduction
BP TOC--Business Planner Section listing of worksheets (Provides button for easy navigation within this section)
LP INTRO--Loan Packager section Introduction
LP TOC-Loan Packager Section listing of worksheets (provides buttons for easy navigation to the worksheets in this section)
Pers. Grading--Allows the grading of the principal in a business from a lenders viewpoint
Bus Grading--Allows the grading of a loan request like lenders often do (shows how to improve loan bankability))
Word Document containing the steps and order for the assembling of a complete loan package in a form bankers like.
Word Document listing the different types of banks and their advantages and disadvantages for small businesses. 
LP Printing--Provides 1 button printing routines for worksheets in the Loan Packager section
Source and Use of Funds--This worksheet provides a recap of the sources and uses of the funds for the business
Sample Completed Loan Request - Word for Windows Document)
Alternative Completed Loan Request (Word for Windows Document)
Project Summary--This optional worksheet allows for the recap of the entire loan request
App. For Bus. Loan--This optional worksheet is recap of the entire loan request
Sources of Capital Injection--Provides detailed information as to the sources of all capital injection in this new business 
His. of Bus.--Provides a way to show the history and/or description of the subject business
Sch. Of Bus Debt--Allows the recap of the entire debt structure of the subject business
App. Of Start-up Funds--This optional form allows a more detailed description of how loan funds will be used
Management Resume--Allows the entering of a resume for the principal of the subject company
Collateral Analysis--Allows a more detailed analysis (from a lenders viewpoint) of the collateral being offered on a loan
Selected Calculators--Provides a series of quick easy to use calculations (only provided for convenience)
How-To-Use--Provides a detailed description of how to use the FINANCIALS section of the program
Key Ratio Graphs--Graphically represents several key financial ratios
Financial Plan--Provides an alternate way to recap an entire loan request (optional form)
Buy vs. Lease--Allows determination if a company should acquire a piece of equipment, and if so should they buy or lease it
Media Budget--Allows planning the advertising/public relations/media budget for the first year (optional)
Assumptions--Lists the various assumptions used in preparing the projections
Depreciation Calculations - Allows the calculation an assets depreciation using four different methods
Business Plan Worksheet--Guides and directs accumulation of all necessary data for a business plan (Word Document)
15 Sample Business Plans for you to pattern yours after (Word Documents)
Word Document containing a Business Plan Overview
Word document containing a marketing Plan Overview
Word Document containing an Insurance Overview
Word Document containing a selected number of completed financial schedules

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