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The 40+ worksheets and Word Documents in this template will help you determine your likes and dislikes, your skills, experience and aptitudes. They also provide all the steps required to properly analyze a new business venture.  It provides an excellent starting point for your dreams.  This Template is an enhanced, enlarged, updated and more powerful version of it's Classic Series predecessor "Business Start-Up Kit".  Indicated below are just some of the features included:

Personal self-analysis--rate yourself to see if you would be suited to opening your own business
Test your MQ (Managerial Quotient)--rate yourself
Check list for Starting a new business-- items to consider
Form to calculate start-up expenses
Evaluate potential competitors
Risk analysis for your new or proposed business
Determine the proposed business start-up costs
Determine your personal budget needs during the start-up period
Develop an organization chart and determine staffing needs
Compare various loan amounts and terms to see which might be best for you
Run an expanded amortization schedule
Form to help you size up your competition
Steps in forming a corporation are itemized
Guide to obtaining a Federal Tax ID Number
Assemble a personal financial statement
Sample Organization, Shareholders meeting minutes
Sample Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws
Industry or peer company analysis form
Comparison of different loan amounts and loan terms
Rating sheet to determine the loan grade a bank might assign to you
Listing of your strengths and weaknesses
ABCI recommendations for starting your own business
Listing of different types of business entities -- which is right for you?
Sources of Loans
Different Types of Loans
Determine your Set-Up Grade--how does your overall rating stack up
Report Card which summarizes key indicators from several worksheets

This template provides a good first step and foundation to formulate the plans to start your new business.  It will help insure that you cover everything you need to.  The cost is still slightly over $1.00 per form, checklist or procedure.   This is inexpensive insurance to make sure you cover all the bases.  The total cost is only $50.00 and it a purchase worth considering before your start your new venture.  Since 8 out of 10 new businesses eventually fail, this program might help increase YOUR chances of success by providing a solid foundation for your proposed business. 

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