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QUESTION:  What does  BOTH  a buyer and a seller of a business have in common? 
They both need to determine the value of the business.

Sooner or later most small to medium sized businesses will eventually require a valuation of the business for some purpose.  The most common reason for most business valuations is for the purchase or sale of the business.   However, a variety of other reasons can also be the motivation behind a business valuation.  Listed below are some of the common reasons to have a business valuation:

Acquisition, sale or merger

Buy-Sell Agreements

Dissenting Minority Stockholders position

Charitable contributions

Estate or Gift Tax purposes

Marital or partnership dissolution

Going Public

To establish value for a loan collateral position

Stock Options

Litigation support in court

Conversion to a Corporation 

If you are looking at buying or selling a business, you can hire a professional business valuator and pay up to $5,000 or more to have him/her tell you what the business is worth.  A second alternative would be just to take the opinion of value of a business broker, if one is involved in the transaction.  If that broker was hired by the buyer, then as a seller you have to be very cautious as to taking the value they assign to the business.  There may be other motives at work that could influence the value they provide.

A smarter option would be to purchase our Business Valuator Plus for $300 and invest less than 2-3 hours of your time and do your own valuation.  At the very least, it would be an excellent idea to get an inexpensive confirmation of value that a broker or business appraiser might give as to the value of  a particular business.  Three different brokers or appraisers can give three different opinions of value on the same business depending upon the assumptions they use.  Every business valuation has a subjective or arbitrary value the appraiser must use. You should do your own valuation if only to put the value they assign in the proper perspective.

This becomes even more important when you are looking at multiple companies to buy or if you need to revalue a certain business periodically.  With a professional valuation you receive the value of just one business at one period in time for the cost.  With Business Valuator Plus, you can determine the value of an infinite number of companies for the same price or revalue a business as many times as you like.

If you are a seller, you would also want to know that you are getting a fair price.  Most business brokers usually will do a valuation for you, but it would always be nice to have a second opinion from an independent source.  If you are selling the business without the aid of a broker, then this software can help provide a basis for your asking price and become one of your selling tools.

Below we offer a comparison of our Business Valuator Plus to other valuation software programs and to business brokers or professional business valuators.  

Category Business Valuator Plus Other Valuation Software Business Broker Professional Business Valuator


$200 $300-$1,000 & Up Often included in their fee to sell a business $1,000 to $5,000 & Up

# of Valuation Methods

Up to 12

Usually 8 or less

One-Usually Rule of Thumb

One-they pick the one


Less than a Day

Same Day

Within a day or two

A week or more

Amount of work involved on your part Some research at the library and about 30 minutes inputting data Some research at the library and about 30 minutes inputting data Very little because they make their money when the business sells None.  They charge a considerable fee to give the value of one business
Help in choosing which valuation method to use We offer detailed descriptions of all methods and help in choosing the right method to use. Limited assistance None- They choose the method None- They choose the method
Input Flexibility and options Many options to choose from Limited options to choose No Options-They determine value  No Options-They determine value 
Ease- of- Use Very User Friendly.  No complicated manuals to study.  Everything is included right in the program itself. We provide detailed step-by-step directions for each method. Hundreds of suggestions and hints Manuals are included.  Limited step-by-step directions included.  You must try to figure out what they are saying.  Not really very user friendly unless you are an accountant or have a financial background.  Several dozen tips provided. Very easy.  They do the work, they choose the method and they charge a fee to sell the business. Very easy.  They do the work, they choose the method and they charge a considerable fee.

Our software is not a watered down version of an expensive package.  It gives you the opportunity to attach a value to a business using up to 12 different methods instead of just one or two methods.  Our software is so easy to use, that we don't even send a manual.  Everything is self contained in the software itself.  We provide easy and detailed instructions to complete your valuation.  You DO NOT need to have any financial or accounting background to use the software.  Like all of or other software this template has been designed "For The Rest Of Us" who are NOT accountants or financial professionals.  You only need a basic understanding of how your computer works. We help you choose the method of valuation to use.  We direct your efforts on the accumulation of necessary data.  We guide you with step-by-step detailed directions on how to use each method of valuation.  There is no need to guess or try to figure out what steps are required like our competitors products. 

Key features of Business Valuator Plus:

45 separate worksheets
Twelve different methods of valuation available
36 different financial schedules and worksheets automatically completed for you--thousands of calculations
Over 32 individual Charts
34 unique graphs
Z-Score Bankruptcy Modeling Tool 
Up to 5 years of Income Statements and Balance Sheets Summaries
Financial Highlights summary
Common Size Statements
Complete Ratio Comparison including comparison to industry or peer averages
Graphs showing Revenue, Expenses and Cost of Sales for up to five years
Graphs showing the Returns on equity, Returns on Assets, Gross Profit Margin
Expanded Loan Amortization Schedule
Ten year summary of Income Statement and Balance Sheet Projections
Buyer's Post-Sale Cash Flow Analysis
Opinion Letter of Value
4 separate Word documents with tips on business valuations, selling a business, buying a business and samples of selected output pages

Software Requirements:

Requires Windows 95 or higher and Office for Windows Version 2000 or higher
Requires a minimum of two years of financial data to complete a valuation
Requires standard Windows 95 RAM  ( 8-16 Megabytes )
Takes up approximately 3 Mb of hard disk space 
You may use the software on as many as three computers concurrently
Current Version now being shipped is 1.5

All of this is available for just $200.00 plus shipping charges.  

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